How Does It Work?


The first thing we do for every job is grind the floor using a diamond bit grinder. As a certified dealer of Honda products, we only use the best machines for this process. Grinding the floor is the most important step in the process. This ensures a proper bond between the coating and the concrete by opening the pores of the concrete, allowing the coating to soak into the floor rather than laying on top. This will also expose any cracks or imperfections in the concrete that may have been covered up by a previous coating.

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After the crew is done grinding, they will patch those cracks and imperfections using various products depending on the need. Once these are patched, the floor is fully prepped and ready for the coating. 

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After the floor is prepped, the product is mixed and the crew begins to lay it on the floor. This step will look different depending on the coating that you choose. In the Random Broadcast Flake (Pictured) they will cover the entire floor with one coat of product. Before that is dry, they will begin to broadcast the flake into the floor until it has the consistency that you choose. Once they are done broadcasting the flake into the floor, they will lay a clear coat of product over the floor to encapsulate the flake between coats and create a long lasting and durable product.

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